Presentation: “Definition of Ready–when are we able to start?”

At the moment I am working as Scrum Coach / Interim Scrum Master in a company located at the Lake of Constance. Three weeks ago I attended the Agile Breakfast in Constance the first time.

At the next Agile Breakfast I will give a presentation on “Definition of Ready – wann kann’s endlich losgehen?” (“.. – when are we able to start?”). Most people using Scrum do know the “Definition of Done” (DoD) very well while they are unfamiliar with the “Definition of Ready” (DoR). This is due to a lot of reasons and in complex organizational environments the DoR has a huge potential for conflict.

In my presentation I will explain the motivation behind the DoR and discuss the positive effects and the potential problems you may encounter when you try to establish a DoR in your organization.

The next  Agile Breakfast in Constance will be at 5th of July in the Water Tower Stromeyersdorf/Constance . The Agile Breakfast is organized by the Scrum User Group Lake Constance (SUGLC). The company Sybit is sponsoring this event.


You need to register (space is limited). The event is free of charge.