AgileEE 2011: Giving a Lightening Talk about READY

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My proposal for a lightening talk @ Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev has been accepted!


I will give a short version of my presentation about "Definition of READY". For more information see the list of lightening talks.


See you in Kiev @ Agile Easter Europe 2011!

Meet us at: Agile Eastern Europe 2011 in Kiev

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As written before we are attending several very interesting events in September. I already stated that September is for training and networking only. That is one reason why we are not engaged in huge projects during September. We are simply traveling around all the time.

One event I am looking forward since last year is clearly the conference "Agile Easter Europe 2011" in Kiev. We have been there last year and I enjoyed this conference like no other before. So my expectations are set high. Just have a look at the conference web site and check out for yourself if the AgileEE2011 is worth a journey to Kiev.


This year Alistair Cockburn will give one of the key notes and there is a long list of other very interesting sessions.



Meet us at: Agile By Example 2011 in Warsaw

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In September we will attend several very interesting conferences.

The first conference we will attend is "Agile by Example 2011” which is a completely new conference help September 15-16th in Warsaw / Poland.

The conference has a lot of interesting speakers and aims to become one of the large international Agile events in Eastern Europe.

I am happy to meet you there in Warsaw!



Presentation: “Definition of Ready–when are we able to start?”

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At the moment I am working as Scrum Coach / Interim Scrum Master in a company located at the Lake of Constance. Three weeks ago I attended the Agile Breakfast in Constance the first time.

At the next Agile Breakfast I will give a presentation on “Definition of Ready – wann kann’s endlich losgehen?” (“.. – when are we able to start?”). Most people using Scrum do know the “Definition of Done” (DoD) very well while they are unfamiliar with the “Definition of Ready” (DoR). This is due to a lot of reasons and in complex organizational environments the DoR has a huge potential for conflict.

In my presentation I will explain the motivation behind the DoR and discuss the positive effects and the potential problems you may encounter when you try to establish a DoR in your organization.

The next  Agile Breakfast in Constance will be at 5th of July in the Water Tower Stromeyersdorf/Constance . The Agile Breakfast is organized by the Scrum User Group Lake Constance (SUGLC). The company Sybit is sponsoring this event.


You need to register (space is limited). The event is free of charge.

AgileDays Moscow, Agile Riga Day

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The Agile Eastern Europe 2010 conference was a huge success and we enjoyed the days in Kiev / Ukraine.

The agile community in eastern Europe is very active and there are two interesting events taking place in March: Agile Riga Day and Agile Days (Moscow).

Agile Riga Day


There are several interesting talks (see program for the details):

  • Joakim Sundén - Flow where you can, pull where you must - a practitioners guide to Kanban.
  • Vasco Duarte - Patterns of Agility. How to recognize an Agile project when you see one.
  • Ola Ellnestam -  Fast feedback teams
  • Girt Ivans - The Core of Scrum - Creating healthy, thriving work environment.
  • Elina Jakubaneca & Armands Baranovskis - How to succeed with Agile.
  • Anton Keks - Being a professional agile developer.


Agile Days (Moscow)


Attention! It looks like that this conference is all Russian. So it might be difficult for you to attend without speaking Russian Zwinkerndes Smiley

AgileDays - a place of exchange of experiences for those who have long and successfully uses Agile. In addition, a series of reports will focus on the most recent and most interesting trends , such as Lean Development, DDD, BDD, TDD, FDD and other xDD. The conference will be attended by Western guru.

Guess they are referring to Henrik Kniberg as this “western guru” Zwinkerndes Smiley

Agileee 2010 – A Summary

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image Early this year we decided to attend the Agileee 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine after reading the positive reviews of Agileee 2009. Now – after several days in Kiev – we can tell you that this was probably one of the best conference we have attended for years. Not only good sessions but a lot of very interesting discussions with the participants during the icebreaker party and during the conference days. Here our short summary of this fantastic conference: More »

Agileee: Agile Conference in Ukraine, Kiev (October 8th-9th)

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imageYou might have already noticed that we will attend the Agileee conference in Kiev, Ukraine, October 8th-9th.

Surprisingly this conference is nearly unknown in the German Agile community at the moment! Everybody knows about conference all over the world but Eastern Europe seems to be off radar for quite a lot of people.

That’s a pity as they will miss a high caliber event.

Just check out the conference program that includes a lot of interesting talk, e.g.:

I am really looking forward to this conference as I believe it will be an event full of opportunities to talk to a lot of very interesting people!


Meet us in Kiev

We will be in Kiev from October 7th and we would like to meet with agile experts! In case you are interested in a discussion about Agile Nearshoring opportunities get in contact with us!


Invitation Video

Agileee is calling you! from Agile Eastern Europe on Vimeo.

Java Forum Stuttgart 2010 Retro

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I went to Stuttgart / Germany beginning of July to visit the Java Forum Stuttgart 2010 – a conference that started as a small local event, became regional and now attracts more than 1200 visitors interested in Java technology.


There I attended several of the 42 presentations about the latest trends in the Java universe and did the usual networking.

Together with Thomas Avieny (consultant for high performance teams / Team-Manufaktur.de) I organized a BoF session with the title “Scrum – Heaven or Hell?”. This BoF was a real success with more than 20 participants and a lot of discussion going on. The organizers finally had to talk us out of the room as our group didn't want to stop discussing this topic.

Agile Day @ Karlsruher Entwicklertag 2010

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Last week I joined the agile crowd at the “Karlsruher Entwicklertag 2010 / Agile Day”. While the conference lasted three days the Agile Day probably was the most impressive one.

Beside interesting talks like

  • Vertrauen durch Agile Offshoring / Trust by agile offshoring (Dr. Margret Hessellmann, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Scrambled Scrum? (Stefan Sauer / ISF Munich)
  • Kleine Kanban-Kunde / Small introduction to Kanban (Bernd Schiffer, it-agile)

there was Ken Schwaber giving an interesting key note talking about developer habits and why they invented the Professional Scrum Developer program.

image  image

After the presentation the need to have a training program for agile developers was addressed in a panel discussion with agile experts from Germany.

Beside the official part with its presentations and the whole interesting agenda the most important part was probably meeting a lot of the German Scrum/Agile experts and (of course) people relatively new to the agile concepts. See the photos to get an impression.

With an price tag of ~ 200 EUR the Agile Day is currently one of the best bargains you can made – IF you can understand German. In this case: See you there next year!

Events in June and July: Entwicklertag and Java Forum Stuttgart

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We will be present at several events in the next weeks. In case you want to have a discussion about agile nearshoring get in contact with us.

First one is the small but high caliber conference “Karlsruher Entwicklertag 2010” held 23rd – 25th of June in Karlsruhe/Germany. This year Ken Schwaber will give the keynote for the "Agile Day” (23rd of June).

The second conference is the “Java Forum Stuttgart 2010” held July 1st in Stuttgart/Germany. This conference with about 1200 participants is a major networking event for Java focused dev shops from Germany.