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Agile Offshore – Can you hear me now?

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“Can you hear me now"?” ist ein sehr gutes Webinar von Mark Rickmeier/ThoughtWorks, in dem die Herausforderungen diskutiert werden, die auftreten, wenn in Projekten die Projektmitarbeiter weltweit verteilt sind und bei denen agile Methoden der Softwareentwicklung eingesetzt werden:


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Webinar: Agile Development from Argentina

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Accelerance – a sourcing company with partners world wide is giving a Webinar today (July, 7th): Agile Development from Argentina: lessons learned in nearshore outsourcing Major Topics:
  • How to apply agile methodologies in outsourcing.
  • Typical challenges of outsourcing and how to overcome them.
  • Pros and cons of Latin America in general and Argentina in particular for software outsourcing.
  • How to assess the maturity of potential and current vendors.
  • Janeiro Digital's personal account comparing outsourcing in Bangladesh, China and Argentina.
Hurry up! Space is limited!

Video explaining Nearshoring for USA and Mexico

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A nice video about Nearshore-Outsourcing from the perspective of a buyer based in the US and the provider based in Mexico. While the whole video is (ofcourse) an advertisement of a mexican provider the basic ideas of Nearshoring is explained in an enjoyable way. Worth watching.

Nice explanation:

Shore 1.0:  onshore -> USA, offshore –> India, nearshore -> Canada

Got it, right?

Then "Nearshore 2.0" is explained and why Mexico is the far better choice when compared with India. You might decide for yourself 😉


Enjoy the video: